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    How much do interest rates really affect the cost of your home?

    August 19, 2020|Comments Off on How much do interest rates really affect the cost of your home?

    While many individuals are primarily focused on the fluctuation in current housing prices, many are failing to recognize the significant role interest rates play in the monthly, yearly and overall cost of their real estate [...]

    2019 Bishop Real Estate Year in Review

    February 25, 2020|Comments Off on 2019 Bishop Real Estate Year in Review

    2019 Bishop Real Estate statistics In 2019, home prices in the Eastern Sierra continued the trend set the previous year, with a 10% rise in the median price from $345,000  to $385,000. This [...]

    The Future-Proof Kitchen

    March 12, 2019|Comments Off on The Future-Proof Kitchen

    The median price of remodeling a kitchen is $60,000. So how do you make sure the changes you make won't look dated in a few years? Here are some ideas to future-proof your kitchen.

    Save the Sale

    March 5, 2019|Comments Off on Save the Sale

    Sellers whose homes aren't in tip-top shape may need to spend extra money or put in a little elbow grease to get their property in market-ready condition. Check out these three home repairs that could [...]

    The Essentials

    January 4, 2019|Comments Off on The Essentials

    When it comes to choosing a home to purchase, which amenities are non-negotiable and which ones are nice to have? These are the top five essential amenities shoppers say are must-haves in a home.

    Don’t Go Solo

    November 30, 2018|Comments Off on Don’t Go Solo

    Some homeowners opt to sell their home without working with a Realtor. In fact, 43% think they'll make more money selling on their own. However, these homeowners spend their time hustling to make the sale [...]

    Mortgage Musts

    November 1, 2018|Comments Off on Mortgage Musts

    Getting a mortgage may seem easy, but the truth is there are a number of hoops to jump through and hurdles to cross before a mortgage lender will issue a loan.

    Down Payment Dilemma?

    October 1, 2018|Comments Off on Down Payment Dilemma?

    One of the biggest misconceptions about homebuying is the need for a 20% down payment. Here are some unique ways you can get help with your down payment.

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